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Some recommended places

Casa Serena in Chulilla

La Casa Serena in Chulilla

La Casa Serena offers bed and breakfast in a stylish but homely village house in the renowned climbing zone of Chulilla. 57kms inland from Valencia city and beaches, 45 minutes from the airport, Chulilla offers world class climbing opportunities.

El Altico in Chulilla

El Altico in Chulilla

Refuge guarded by Pedro Pons has an awesome view of the Chulilla canyon. Very comfortable, and with nice prices, a very recommended option to spend your holidays in Chulilla. You would be in the climbers refuge, where all the people all talking about routes and Pedro will recommend you the best routes.


Ca Tona in Chulilla

The Village House “Ca Tona”, is located in the Plaza of the town of Chulilla. This farmer’s house built in the late nineteenth century and restored, preserves the original structure of the house.

Alberge El Refugio in Montanejos

El Refugio in Montanejos

El Refugio is located in a perfect place close to the canyon and the climbing routes.