Before the trip…

before the trip...

Congratulations, you are about to do a climbing trip with us!

We are as excited as you are! And that you don’t forget anything because of being so excited, we remind you of a few things you have to keep in mind before you start the trip:

  • For the climbing day you will need comfortable clothes, mountain footwear and a jacket in case it will be cold or windy. You also need enough food and water to spend all day outside. For example, a sandwich, some fruits and at least one liter of water.
  • Depending on the weather and the destination you should also bring a swimsuit and a towel to take a bath after climbing. In this case, the guide will inform you in advance.
  • The only climbing gear we don’t provide is personal gear (climbing shoes, harness and helmet). In case you don’t have some, make sure you have told us well in advance so you can rent it to us and take part in the activity.
  • Make sure you have the contact details of the guide who is coming with you (phone and E-mail) and get in touch with him at least 24h before the trip. In the same way, make sure you have given us your contact details so we can contact you anytime.
  • The guide chooses the climbing area, and he can change it anytime. The climbing area will be the most suitable regarding your climbing level, the season of the year and the weather conditions.
  • Everyone who wants to climb with us is required to have a travel insurance that covers the practice of climbing in Spain. If not so, you must tell us well in advance so we can hire an insurance for the days of the trip.

We hope you have loads of fun and an awesome experience climbing with us in Valencia!