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Just 45 minutes by car from Valencia, the city of Alzira, capital of the Ribera Alta, hides among the mountains of the natural area of ​​La Murta, very close to the coast. La Murta is a place of extraordinary value, with a microclimate that benefits the fauna and flora of the valley due to its location between crags and its perfect orientation. There are several trails in this natural place to enjoy the variety of flora and to discover all its features; from the monastery of Santa María to its highest peaks such as the Creu del Cardenal and the Cavall Bernat. In addition to hikers, we can also find mountain bikers and trail runners.

In this special enclave is the Tallat Roig, the name given to the enormous reddish wall where climbers started bolting routes more than twenty years ago. The fact is that climbing in Alzira has a long history. The wall has more than 60 meters of height in its highest part with multi-pitch routes up to 3 pitches and an orientation with beautiful views of the sea and the valley that often also offers spectacular sunsets. The limestone rock of this area is very special, with holes in abundance and generally very good friction. There are routes for all levels, from very easy to introduce in people who have never climbed before to the most demanding routes of the seventh grade. These last ones we will find them especially in the sectors of Platjeta and Llunatica.

The best season to climb is during the end of autumn and winter due to its south faced orientation, and it is not possible to climb the sunny days of spring and summer. It is worth climbing to the summit of Tallat Roig either from a multi-pitch route or walking up to enjoy the views offered by this landscape. In a clear day you can enjoy a privileged view of Cullera, Albufera, the city of Valencia, the Sierra de Espadán, Xàtiva, the Benicadell and the Mondúver among others.

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Climbing topos of Tallat Roig


Sector Llunàtica – Alexandre

1.- Mascletà (7c+), 2.- No haces más grado porque te pesa el nabo (5+), 3.- Braçman (7a), 4.- Redman (7b), 5.- El guardabosques (6b+), 6.- Xoriço Ger (6c), 7.- SN1 (6a+), 8.- Tati Tati (L1 6a+, L1+L2 ?), 9.- SN2 (?), 10.- Falles, Traques i Bunyols (6a+), 11.- SN3 (6c), 12.- Marc (6c), 13.- Kawabil (7a), 14.- Llunàtica (7b+), 15.- Trancas y barrancas (7b), 16.- Síndrome emocional (6b+), 17.- The master (50) (6c+), 18.- Costo culero (6c), 19.- SN4 (6c+), 20.- SN5 (6c+), 21.- SN6 (6c), 22.- Con la mierda en los sobacos (6b), 23.- SN7 (6b), 24.- SN8 (6a+), 25.- Pituflais (6a+), 26.- Jo Buseo (6b), 27.- SN9 (R1 5, R2 6a+), 28.- Alexandre (5).

Sector Big Wall

1.- Esperó Barreiros (L1 5+, L2 5), 2.- Atmosfera xunga (L1 6b, L2 5), 3.- Cogollets pals xiquets (L1 6a, L2 5), 4.- D’un madero sien llapisseros (L1 6a, L2 6a+), 5.- Envide la falta i truque (L1 6a, L2 6b+), 6.- Paràlisis facial (L1 5+, L2 5, L3 5), 7.- Fissuteraputa (5), 8.- Tot es perfecte (L1 5, L2 6b+), 9.- P.X (L1 4+, L2 4+, L3 5), 10.- Que hase un arpinista (L1 6a, L2 5+, L3 5+), 11.- Strangers in the night (L1 6b+, L2 6b, L3 6a), 12.- Silvester Mescalone (L1 6a, L2 6b+, L3 6a), 13.- Black ford man (6c+), 14.- El Burro de Filippo (L1 6a+, L2 5+, L3 5+), 15.- La Caverna de Onam (L1 5+, L2 6a, L3 7a+), 16.- Directissima (L1 4+, L2 4+, L3 4+), 17.- Baxoqueta pa trencar (L1 5, L2 5+), 18.- Spigolo di pollastre (5), 19.- Diedre Alicatens (5+), 20.- Parrús andalús (L1 5, L2 6b+, L3 5+), 21.- Reffubat (L1 5, L2 5), 22.- Passaboles pal Güac (L1 5, L2 6b).

Sector Platjeta, Emo and Dama

1.- SN 1 (5+), 2.- Pituflai en el forfait (6c+), 3.- El niño de la zarpa (7a+), 4.- Me la fica dura (6b+), 5.- Con el culo al aire (6a), 6.- Extremancio (7a), 7.- Marijuana vegetal (L1 6a+, L2 6b+), 8.- Afellation climbing quartet (L1 7a, L2 5+), 9.- Pai-Pai (?), 10.- Pistatxos (7a+), 11.- Ballantine’s (6c+), 12.- Humus xames (7b), 13.- SN 5 (7a+?), 14.- Carajillo de Gramoxone (6a+), 15.- Con los faros enchufaos (6b+), 16.- Marcando paquete (6b+), 17.- SN6 (?), 18.- SN7 (?), 19.- SN8 (?), 20.- SN9 (?), 21.- Emocions de tardor (5+), 22.- El yate de mama (6a+), 23.- Passó de rotovator (5+), 24.- Teorema de Gauss (5+), 25.- Atención que puede haber rebote (6b), 26.- Tirali (4), 27.- Al colló (4), 28.- Cremor tartaro (6c), 29.- Ya te digo (4+), 30.- Delirium tremens (6a), 31.- Jimmy Jazz (6a+), 32.- F.M.F. (Forner Molt Fort) (6a), 33.- Del gapel a tega sgifen les cogdes (6a), 34.- Extramoni infernal (L1 5, L2 5), 35.- SN10 (5/6a), 36.- SN11 (5?), 37.- Sonrisa vertical (5), 38.- Tom Jones no em toques el collons (6b), 39.- Polvo catalitic (6a), 40.- Raul du Tacul (6a), 41.- SN12 (6a), 42.- La xati i el xoto (5+).

Sector Llum and Negrito

1.- Per tot el morro (6a), 2.- SN1 (?), 3.- Bastarda (5), 4.- Llum Pérez López (4+), 5.- Por Malagueñas (6a), 6.- Por Cevillanas (6a+), 7.- Lady Amparito (6a), 8.- Fabada Navarro (5), 9.- SN2 (?), 10.- Argilaga que empalaga (6a), 11.- SN3 (?), 12.- SN4 (6b), 13.- Un blues que fa olor a parrus (6a), 14.- Que no se extinga la llama (5+), 15.- Dr. Feelgood (5), 16.- De sol a sol (4+), 17.- La processó va per dins (4+), 18.- Un dia en la enfermeria (5), 19.- El terror de la metralleta (4), 20.- Hasta aqui llegó la riada (4), 21.- Tirant lo Blanc (4), 22.- La paranoia de la noia (5), 23.- Directa moreno (5+), 24.- Voltio a la plantxa (5+), 25.- Negrito (5), 26.- Los girifotas del Bronx (5), 27.- Doce cascabeles tiene mi caballo (6b+), 28.- SN7 (6c), 29.- SN8 (6b+), 30.- Ejaculació precoç (6a), 31.- Biopotens (6a+), 32.- Gori Films (7b), 33.- SN6 (?).

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