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Sport climbing in Aventador (Alboy)

This climbing area is located close to the river Albaida, in the natural area of L’Estret de les Aigües and very close to the climbing areas of Bellús. In fact, this area is located in front of the climbing area of Altet, which is located on the other side of the river.

Aventador is distinguished by its gray limestone and routes of a length between 30 and 40 meters, having several multi-pitch routes. It is a climbing area with a lot of fifth and sixth grade routes. Technical moves and good friction are guaranteed. On the left side of the wall are the most difficult seventh grade routes, concentrated in a overhang. There is also a via ferrata that goes along the wall for its longest part and some train tracks pass through the lower part of this sector. Due to its west orientation it is perfect for climbing in winter, having sun all afternoon, and very hard to climb on sunny days during spring or summer.

To get here the best way is to take the road from Xátiva to Genovés. 500 meters from Genovés, at a roundabout, take a detour where there is a sign of Urbanitzacions, then find another detour that takes to Alboy – Cova Negra. We cross the hamlet, passing the train station and arrive at a picnic area. We will continue until the asphalted road ends where we will see a beautiful poplar wood in which we can park the vehicle.

In addition to climbers, it is very common to see hikers, trail runners and bikers walking along the track that links Alboy with Bellús. Next to the parking is the Cova Negra, very popular and frequently visited.

Getting there

Climbing topos of Aventador


1.- La suplente del presidente (6b+), 2.- Parri (6b), 3.- Mangantes (6b), 4.- Manguis (6a+), 5.- Problema de moral (6a), 6.- Placa cósmica (6b+), 7.- Spectrum (6b), 8.- Fermín Apólito (6b), 9.- Mortus est (L1 6a+, L2 5), 10.- Frasos brutals (6c), 11.- Panini de botifarrato (6b+), 12.- Halterofilia copenaguens (6b), 13.- Pedos de colores (6c+), 14.- Harlem (8a), 15.- Dale caña al mono (7b), 16.- La reina de África (7c+), 17.- Mayeutica (7c), 18.- Mezclaillos Guerola (6b), 19.- Antropía afónica (L1 6a+, L2 6a), 20.- Variación C (6b), 21.- Tremolando estoy (6b+), 22.- Astofol Hinkel (L1 6a+, L2 6c), 23.- Aisenkouen (6b), 24.- Karuso (L1 6a, L2 7a+), 25.- Carbono 14 (L1 5+, L2 6a), 26.- Extremaunción (7a), 27.- Vampiro (7a), 28.- Vomitera óptica (6c+), 29.- Astrokangrena bucólica (6b), 30.- Asgarramenta lumbar (6c+), 31.- Ací em pegaràs (6b+), 32.- Cristal pardo (6b+), 33.- Calla pixorro (6b), 34.- Trimomia (6b), 35.- Güeles marxoses (6b), 36.- Pepsi man (6a), 37.- Albómina (5+), 38.- Cefalograma (6a), 39.- Coconuts (6a), 40.- Jorge Negrete (6a), 41.- Ov (6b), 42.- Coneiximent de mosquit (6b), 43.- Luis Mariano (6b), 44.- Colló que guay (6b), 45.- Mesinfóteles (6a), 46.- Amadeus (6a+), 47.- Pégame en to el medio (6a+), 48.- Ala, anem (6b), 49.- Has cobrat? (6a+), 50.- Tot es mànec (6a), 51.- Pepe Carballo (6a+), 52.- Jerónimo (6a), 53.- Que asco que tusca (6b), 54.- Patetes de caragol (6b), 55.- Cacau i tramús (6b), 56.- Pase milions (6b+), 57.- Black master (6c+), 58.- Afrodita (6a), 59.- Hermafrodita (6b), 60.- Directa BA (?), 61.- Ba (5), 62.- Sapalastro (6c), 63.- Mortadelo (5+), 64.- Rompetechos (5+), 65.- Filemón (5+), 66.- Carpanta (5+), 67.- Arcadia (5), 68.- Vent (5), 69.- Pepet (6b+), 70.- Navarro (6a), 71.- Astérix (6a), 72.- Obélix (6a), 73.- Idéfix (5), 74.- Rafa (5), 75.- Pepe (5), 76.- Dit (5), 77.- La pelirroja ilustrada (6a+).

Recommended routes: 15.- Dale caña al mono (7b), 19.- Antropía afónica (L1 6a+, L2 6a), 28.- Vomitera óptica (6c+), 40.- Jorge Negrete (6a), 58.- Afrodita (6a).


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