Climbing in Bovedon

The most impressive thing of Bovedon is a huge cave where most of the routes are very overhanged and demanding. The routes that cross the cave have very physical moves and forearm endurance is a key factor. Some routes are even considered the most difficult in the province of Valencia. There are some easier routes on the sides of the cave, but in general the difficulty level is quite high. Here the climbing is possible almost all year, except for the hottest months of summer, where the mix of high temperatures and humidity make bad grip conditions. Recently, two new sectors have been bolted, called Bovedin and Bovedos, which can be accessed by following the Bovedon approach path. The first is a wall with about fifty vertical routes between the sixth and seventh grades and the second is a overhanged cave where there are very physical routes between the seventh and eighth grades. These sectors have privileged views of the valley and the orange groves, which will make us enjoy climbing even more.

Climbing topos of Bovedon

Sector Bovedón

1.- Diedrículo (6a+), 2.- SN 1 (6a), 3.- El último bollicao (6c), 4.- Solíguer (6b+), 5.- SN 2 (6a), 6.- SN 3 (6a), 7.- SN 4 (6a), 8.- Broccoli (7a+), 9.- Insomni (7b), 10.- Qu'est-ce que tu fais (7a), 11.- SN 5 (7a+), 12.- SN 6 (6b), 13.- Escalibada (6c), 14.- SN 7 (6c), 15.- SN 8 (6b), 16.- SN 9 (7a), 17.- SN 10 (?), 18.- Lobos (8a), 19.- Ave Roma (7b), 20.- Ave Eva (7b), 21.- Depil man (7a+), 22.- Trasnochando (8b), 23.- Ferrer y sus cobardes (7b), 24.- Perpetuando (R1 7a, R2 8a), 25.- Perpetum mobile (7c), 26.- Chikara (8b+), 27.- Larga, dura y caliente (8a+), 28.- Felicidad (8a+), 29.- Arcadia (7c), 30.- Carnicero de Castelnovo (8a+), 31.- Abracadabra kaka de kabra (7c+), 32.- Armando sigue desplomando (8a+), 33.- Malsoñando (8c), 34.- La Negra (9a), 35.- Mestizaje (8c+), 36.- SN 11 (?), 37.- Troglobio (8b), 38.- Benito Camela (7b), 39.- Matrix (?), 40.- La antorcha humana (7a+), 41.- Chocho pocho (7a), 42.- Tuli punk (7b+), 43.- Rica chona (6c+), 44.- La Bovedonada (6b+), 45.- Quin Tomás (6b), 46.- Hernia Fiscal (7a+), 47.- Tambors Llunyans (7a), 48.- Escalada lechunga (6a+), 49.- Quinto pino (6a+), 50.- La de Javi (7c), 51.- SN 12 (6b), 52.- SN 13 (6b), 53.- SN 14 (4), 54.- SN 15 (4).

Recommended routes: 22.- Trasnochando (8b), 25.- Perpetum mobile (7c), 29.- Arcadia (7c), 33.- Malsoñando (8c).