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Jerica is a small town in the province of Castellón where the Palancia River passes along, leaving a limestone gray canyon about 40 meters high. It is a pleasant place, with beautiful views of the canyon and where you can find a large number of climbing routes, usually very technical slabs o vertical routes. There are routes for all levels, and that is why it is a place where many climbers start here outdoor climbing. The most difficult seventh grade routes are not abundant although it is worth making a visit to climb them.

The approach to the sector is very comfortable and short, about 5 minutes. The canyon has two climbing walls facing each other, so one receives the sun in the morning and the shadow in the afternoon and vice versa. This makes possible to climb throughout the year and throughout the day, being able to change the climbing wall very easily. In summer both walls receive sun at the same time during midday (from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm) so it is recommended to take a long break to rest and wait for the shade. It is also a place with strong air currents, so be very careful and check wind weather forecasts.

Although it is in the province of Castellón, it is only 45 minutes by car from Valencia on the A3 highway. You can also get there by suburban train (line 5) and walk to the canyon taking a walk through the town of about 15 minutes. The town is crowned by a striking Mudejar tower that is also used to preach the messages of the town several times a day. So do not be scared if it starts to sound when you are in the middle of a route!

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