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Sport climbing in Montanejos

Montanejos is the perfect place for a climbing holiday. It is a very deep canyon with over 100 meters limestone walls where sometimes in winter or spring you can see a little river crossing it. The canyon is really long and it has around 1000 routes all along the way and in both sides of it. Starting from very easy climbing finishing on 9a or more. Montanejos is a place with a very long climbing tradition. The first hard routes in Spain where made here during the 80’s and the 90’s.  It is also very famous for the multipith and traditional climbing.

Climbing is possible all year around. In sunny walls during the winter and searching for the shadow in summer.

Another highlight of Montanejos are the hot springs of Mijares river, with a temperature of 25º all year long this is the biggest tourist attraction of the village.

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Getting there


There is a climbing refuge in the village, at the beginning of the canyon. You should find it immediately, as you have to walk trough to get to the walls. It is a very good option to spend the night. There are also alternatives, like the parking in front of the refuge, at the other side of the canyon. This is the option which most of the climbers choose… If you also do, we ask you to be clean and aware.


The village of Montanejos is very small, but it is very touristic. So, you should no have problem on finding some places to buy some food. But there is not supermarket or something like this. There is also no possibility to buy any gear. Maybe you can ask at the refuge for some little stuff like chalk or tape. So, better you manage all the thing you need before to come.

Other Activities

Montanejos is a very famous place to do some hiking or swimming in the thermal natural pools. It is normally crowed at weekends and specially during the summer. There are also  many spas you can visit on your resting day (if you have the money).


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